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Top 4 Tips for Media Interviews

A news story is often shaped by how the interview subjects answer the questions they’re asked. For leaders being interviewed on behalf of their organizations, there is an art to giving responses that will both deliver the organization’s key messages and have the best chance of making it into news stories. […]

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Why Your Leaders Must get Media Training

It’s no secret that news media interviews can be a powerful way for organizations to share their stories. But did you know that the way news stories turn out can be a direct reflection of the confidence and ability of the person interviewed? […]

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3 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Media Fact Sheet

In order to be successful in earning regular news coverage, your company should have certain materials readily available. One of these materials is a media fact sheet. As the name suggests, a media fact sheet provides facts, figures and important information about the company and leaders who may be speaking with the news media. […]

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3 Reasons That Prove the Press Release is Not Dead

Since the rise of technology in media and PR, there has been talk that the value of a press release is slowly dwindling. News is now available 24/7 in the palm of your hand, and journalists can learn about newsworthy topics instantly through social media and spur-of-the-moment emails. Despite what some might think, the press release is still very much alive. Here are three reasons that prove it: […]

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5 Ways to Make Reporters Happy

Building relationships with reporters doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and effort, and requires that your PR firm or in-house team consistently help them do their jobs and keep them happy. In our experience in working with the news media, we have learned that there are five things that will keep a smile on a reporter’s face: […]

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5 Benefits of Local News Coverage

  Oftentimes when an organization begins strategizing its media relations efforts, securing news coverage at a national level is at the top of the list. While this is a worthy goal to have and achieve, coverage by local media could have just as great a result – if not better. […]

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3 Things You Need to Know if Your PR Involves the News Media

  No matter how much planning your PR agency or in-house team puts into news media outreach, the reality is, you never know how a story pitch or a press release is going to play out. As public relations experts, we know how the media works and how journalists approach planning and executing news stories. Here are common scenarios that are helpful to know if your business is pursuing news coverage. […]

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What Media Consolidations Mean for Your PR Strategy

With the recent buying and closing of the Tampa Tribune and Healthcare Finance News merging with Healthcare Payer News – as just a couple of examples – it’s clear that the news media landscape continues to shrink. It affects us as public relations professionals, and it affects businesses that rely on news media relations as part of their PR and marketing strategy. […]

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Earned Media Vs. Owned Media and Why Your Company Needs Both

Public relations is not a single-strategy game. There are many ways to leverage the power and influence of various media to strengthen credibility, brand awareness and engagement. In this post, we will discuss the difference between earned media and owned media, and why your company’s PR strategy should include both. Earned Media Earned media is visibility your company receives through media it does not control. It’s free and can lend the most credibility, as a third party creates and shares it. Your PR agency securing a news article in a magazine is an example of telling your company’s story through earned media. When your Facebook followers mention or share your content on their pages, you’re earning media. It’s not always easy to get a reporter or customer to talk about your organization, but when they do and it’s positive, it can make a big impact. Owned Media Thanks to our highly connected digital world, your [...]

3 Key Elements of Pitching a Guest Column

One of the most influential ways to promote your organization’s expertise is writing a guest column – also called “bylined article” – for an industry publication. Many organizations have experts with the credibility to write a guest column in their field, but not all know how to successfully pitch the idea to the media. […]

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