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When a Data Breach Puts You in the Media Spotlight: 5 Steps for Getting Out

Despite organizations’ best efforts to prevent data breaches, the unfortunate truth is there will always be hackers who can find a way in to even the most secure systems. If and when they do, the news media will call, and your organization will find itself involuntarily thrust into the media spotlight. […]

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The 7 Rules of TV Interviews

Landing a television interview is a big deal. This is your shining moment – your opportunity to share your story with the masses. Don’t end up like Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, though. In real life, weak or awkward interviews could mean your clip doesn’t make the story at all. […]

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Is Your News Worthy?

Public relations agencies get a lot of requests to write press releases. Before accepting the assignment, a PR firm that’s truly working in the best interest of the client will ask the following question: What’s newsworthy about this? […]

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The 5 Most Likely Reasons Your Press Release Didn’t Make the News

We can see it now: your company distributes a press release announcing big news. You wait on pins and needles, eagerly anticipating the newspaper and television headlines heralding your success…only they never come. […]

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When is PR Especially Important?

While executing PR programs on an ongoing basis will create the most benefit for organizations, many do not have the resources necessary to dedicate to continuous PR activities. As a result, a question we often receive is, “When is PR especially important?” Based on our experience, PR activities are absolutely necessary in the following instances: […]

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The Power of PR: 7 Ways PR Can Enhance an Organization

Public Relations (PR) activities can be a powerful tool for organizations. Yet, few understand the value PR brings. From media relations to reputation management to social media, PR activities can benefit an organization in a number of ways. Here are 7 ways that PR can enhance your organization: […]

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